Monday, June 1, 2020

2020 CLA Live Auction: WOODBURY STYLE KNIFE by Heinz Ahlers

Length:  11 3/4”    Blade length: 7 ¼”

A razor-sharp blade fitted with an antler handle remains not only a practical tool for the modern outdoorsman, but an iconic symbol of America’s frontier past. Bidders at this year’s CLF fundraising auction will have the opportunity to own a truly classic example of the frontier belt knife by one of modern America’s best bladesmiths.

Former auction chairman and veteran knife maker Heinz Ahlers lent his considerable talents in crafting a robust knife that’s sure to please outdoorsmen and collectors alike. The artist hand-forged the 7 1/4 inch blade from 1084 high carbon steel, which was then married to an elk antler tine handle. The handle sports a poured pewter bolster, and the entire knife measures an impressive 11 3/4 inches from the tip to the riveted steel butt cap. The knife comes complete with a brain-tanned leather sheath fitted with a protective rawhide liner.

Ahler’s creation, he explains, is a classic Woodbury knife in the House brothers style. It’s a handy camp-sized knife with a nice distal taper from 1/8 inch at the hilt. A fine collector’s item, this well-aged example of the frontier belt knife exudes rugged dependability.

Ahlers’ work on this classic frontiersman’s blade was for a good cause. “I donated this knife to the CLA auction,” he explains, “to support the auction and the CLA’s efforts to promote all the aspects of the Contemporary Longrifle Culture.  The publicity and exposure that the CLA Auction gives to new artists is outstanding.  The chance to be featured in a venue with outstanding contemporary artists that support the annual auction only happens here.”

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