Monday, April 6, 2020

"JB" Rifle

It is signed on the top of the barrel “JB”.  My thinking is that it is from the Valley of Virginia.  I don’t know who “JB” was, but maybe one of your viewers will have an idea.  

It has about the most elegant architecture of any rifle I have owned, with a beautifully molded cheek piece, lower molding on the buttstock and foreshock.  The surprising thing is that it has no patchbox.  All I can guess is that the customer didn’t use one so he didn’t want to pay for one.  There is a feather hole in the lower buttstock.  

61 1/4” overall
46 1/4” swamped barrel
.40 caliber
iron guards and buttplate
brass thimbles
double triggers.  The front trigger has an atypical shape
The “London Warrented” flintlock appears  to be a period replacement

Copy supplied by Wayne Elliott with photographs by Mark Elliott.

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