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Flintlock Magazine

Flintlock Magazine was the first publication by the Contemporary Longrifle Association.  This was before The Broadside, Traditions Magazine, before Contemporary Longrifle Association Facebook.  It was a black/white publication done by Art Riser Design.  Art was the editor and designer.  In the first issues Art created the layout, wrote articles, sold ads then created them.  Jan wrote articles and did photography.  Robert Weil wrote articles and contributed photography as did Gordon Barlow.  Many of the photographs were from George Shumway.  The first issues began around 1998 with the magazine continuing to about 2005.  The magazine went from about 12 pages to 42.  As the magazine grew in size more people were required to submit photography and article as well as advertising.  The information below is from the contents page of the 2001 Volume 4 Number 1issue.

Editor and Designer
Art Riser

Gordon Barlow
Paul Jones
Erik Kettenburg
Earl Lanning
Bill Ruggie
George Shumway
Clay Smith
Rod Stanley
Robert Weil

CLA Officers
Mel Hankla
Vice President 
Gary Brumfield
Mark Silver
Don Getz

CLA Board
Jim Chambers
Wallace Gusler
Bob Harn
Earl Lanning
Ed Louer
Art Riser
Ron Scott
Joe Wood

Lally House and Jan Riser
Rodney Stanley
Edmund Davidson
Art Riser
Public Relations
Mark Thomas
Paul Jones

Executive Director
Gordon Barlow

Art Riser Design

© 2001 by The Contemporary Longrifle Association. All Rights reserved.

2001 Volume 4 Number 1

Why publish news that is more than a decade old? Many people do not know Flintlock Magazine even existed.  Robert Weil and I found after working on the Flintlock Magazine how many images we had in our files. One reason we started the Contemporary Makers Blog was to share those images.  So we are once again sharing images and articles from our files.  Some of the articles have been on the blog already such as "Fred Riley: A Distinctive Style by Bill Ruggie.  Jan

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