Thursday, May 31, 2018

From the Pages of Flintlock Magazine: George Seidenschwarz by Robert Weil

George Seidenschwarz is still a well kept secret.  This master gun smith who reposes in Lafayette, Tenn has made some of our finest contemporary arms.  I have seen roughly six rifles and two pistols, each having all handmade locks and triggers and they are all superb.  His overall finish and attention to detail is just amazing.  Like most European arms the metal and wood seem to melt into one another. The locks and triggers too have a finish akin to satin. There is a particular beauty to his stock architecture as well. Difficult to describe without actually having it in hand, it has an oval shape, often higher than wide.  Very unique.

I believe there will be a few of George's guns on display in this years show.  Look for them.

Copy and photos by Robert Weil from Flintlock Magazine 2002 Volume 5 Number 1. These photos were the cover photo of this issue of the magazine.

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