Monday, February 13, 2017

Honourable Company of Horners 2017 Auction

The Honourable Company of Horners is proud to present the items that will be auctioned off at this year's Annual Meeting
Piedmont North Carolina Horn and Pouch with Accoutrements
Here is a Piedmont North Carolina set with a fringed pouch by Jeff Bibb of Monroe, VA paired with a banded horn by Billy Griner of Woodbine, GA. Ray Antosh of Burke, VA created a pick, brush and measure in a complimentary style. The set is completed with a beautiful, hand-forged knife by Bill Bisher of Black Turtle Forge in Denton, NC 

Queen Anne Flask
Most Queen Anne flasks were made from green or amber colored translucent horn. Journeyman Horner Don Fererro of Sanford, NC has made a stunning flask from black horn accented with a piece of unusual zebra colored horn.

Two Leather Covered Costrels
Journeyman Horner Jim Leach of Williamsburg, VA has made two costrels. They are bottles covered in tooled leather. The larger comes with a braided cord and the smaller one is designed for carrying in a pouch or pocket.

1760 French and Indian War Powder Horn
Here is a joint project for the 2017 auction by Journeyman Horners Bill Carter and Rick Sheets. It is a 1760 lobed horn made in the style of those horns created during the F&I War. Bill made the horn and Rick did the engraving.

Scottish Style Horn Beakers
Journeyman Horner Clinton Byers of Lenior, NC has created a brace of Scottish horn beakers that are nearly identical. He started out with a pair of honey colored cow horns. The beakers are accented with homemade walnut dye.

Custom Earrings
Master Horner John Kiselica of Bethel Park, PA has designed and made this custom pair of sterling silver and horn earrings.

Anyone interested in further information or would like to place a bid on an item, is encouraged to follow this link to the fund raising information on our web site:  

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