Tuesday, November 29, 2016

“Santa Fe Trail Horn” by Kevin Hart

Title:  The Santa Fe Trail Horn
Inscriptions: Stuart Stevenson, His Horn, Made on the Santa Fe Trail, 1832
Length:  16 inches
Throat:  Engrailed edge followed by a 4inch round throat with a 2 inch applied turned deer antler
Butt Plug:  1 3/4 inch turned Walnut
Tip:  1 inch turned deer antler
Worn:  Right or left side
Carvings:  Santa Fe Trail from Independence Missouri to Santa Fe New Mexico/ Sun Moon & Stars/ Trail scout on horse/ Compass/ Rivers/ Forts/ Trail names & markings/ Towns/ Indian Tribes/ Cliff House/ Churches/ Territory Names/ Mountains/ Horse drawn traders wagon/ Smoking Frog on stump/ Maker’s Cartouche

Copy and photos supplied by Kevin Hart.

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