Monday, February 29, 2016

Anniversary: End of an Era

The blog previewed on February 8, 2008 and we started posting daily on February 29, 2008. It has been 8 years since we began posting everyday. We have missed posting 3 days in those 8 years and all of those days were in 2015. We now have over 2+ million viewers since we began counting. Sitemeter has listed over 2,200,000 visitors. This is the counter at the bottom of the page. The invisible counter is Stat Counter who logs list 3,086,243 visitors with 6,875,000 page views. There have been over 46,000 photos posted. We have showcased over 800 makers. 

We have decided to stop posting daily. The blog has become more of a task rather than the joy it once was. The posting daily is just too time consuming. In addition to the time spent it cost us money to produce and will continue to cost us money to keep on-line. We will keep it active so you can continue to look in the archives. We will attempt to post once a week and will continue to take photos  of the people and the displays at the shows. We still welcome the photos and articles you send us to post. 

We thank our viewers. We thank the people that sent us items to post. We thank those who stop by the shows and express their appreciation for the blog. We are grateful for all the people we have met and the friends we have made.

So do not think the blog is going away, it isn't. The blog is going into a different phase.


  1. I would like to thank you, for all that you have done over the years. I have enjoyed going on the site to check out whats new,and will continue to do so.
    Thank you again,

  2. Well said guys! Priceless photos that will be available to artists and collectors for decades to come. Thanks for all you have done for this hobby.

  3. Jan, Art, thank you so much for such a wonderful resource. You guys are tops! I have spent a lot of time learning on Contemporary Makers and look forward to enjoying the site in the future.

    Cheers to the both of you, well done.

  4. i am really saddened by this news but can understand. thanks for everything you guys have done with this blog! best darn site on the whole internet!

  5. Art and Jan, thanks for sll you have done for our wonderful sport. The blog will continue to be a highlight in the web sphere for the Contemporary Longrifle culture. You have done great work and asked nothing in return. We all appreciate your efforts