Sunday, December 20, 2015

English Fowler and Hunting Set by Geoffroy Levy

I just finished the project started seven year ago when I came back from one year in Canada. 

Episodically working on it, I created a complete fowl hunting gear making any metal part out of wood but using, as much as possible, traditional skills for carving, sewing, staining and finishing.

This set includes:
-          An English fowler based on a real antique broken stock. It has all the features of a real fowler (Octagon to round pined barrel, ramrod, inlets…) but entirely made of wood.
-          A powder horn with a wood plug and a strap.
-          A leather and canvas hunting pouch with a loading block, a powder measure, a mallet and a pan brush.
-          A leather tool pouch with spare “flints” and a screw driver.
-          A fire striker and a “flint”.
-          A neck knife and its scabbard
-          A “weeping heart” belt axe and a belt holder.
-          A leather shot bag.
Loving the shape of this kind of weapons, I wanted to explore and acquire the skills needed to create a fowl hunting gear (wood, leather, canvas and horn) including a fowling gun.

I wanted to post the result here to share the final step of a technical and historical journey that has been very rewarding for me along the past seven years for both skills and fun.

Copy and photos supplied by Geoffroy Levy.

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