Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cowan's Auction Items

Sioux Beaded and Quilled Hide Moccasins from a Minnesota Collection

Thread and sinew-sewn softly tanned hide; designed with bands of red and yellow quillwork across vamps; soles bordered with a lane of dark blue, greasy yellow, rose, and clear beadwork; high cuffs, length 9.5 in., late 19th century  

Est $600 - $800

Northern Plains Woman's Dentalia Shell Cape

Thread-sewn and with 10 rows of dentalia shells separated by thin rows of clear cane beads; lower hem of yoke ornately designed using brown ribbon and roundels formed of brown beads; beaded fringe terminating with brass bells that hang intermittently along lower edge; muslin lined, length 16 in. x width 30 in., 4th quarter 19th century

Est $1500 - $2500

Sioux Child's Beaded Hide Bonnet from a Minnesota Collection

Thread-sewn and beaded using colors of red white-heart, greasy yellow, dark blue, white, and pea green; lined with polka-dot fabric, length 5.5 in., ca 1900

Est $800 - $1200

Sioux Beaded and Quilled Possible Bag from a Minnesota Collection

thread and sinew-sewn with beadwork along sides in colors of white, pea green, dark blue, and greasy yellow; thin horizontal rows of quillwork and vertical rows of wool pompoms decorate front of bag; red horsehair filled tin cones further embellish sides and closing flap, length 15.5 x 23 in.
late 19th century 

Est $1000 - $1500

Northern Plains Quilled Hide Strike-a-Light Pouch with Contents from the William H. Jensen (1886-1960) Collection

softly tanned thread-sewn hide with plaited red and white quillwork along sides; quilled buffalo head is situated in center of one side of pouch and cross on opposite; tin cones hang from quilled hide thongs, height 3 in. x width 4.25 in.; contents include a hand-forged striker, belemnite fossil, three stones, and a small piece of wood., mid-19th century 

Est $3000 - $5000

Plains Porcupine Hair Roach from the Historic Glen Isle Resort, Bailey, Colorado

Composed of red-dyed fur enclosing a crest of two-toned porcupine hair; blue and white braided yarn center; hide thong ties, length 17 in. , early 20th century

Est $800 - $1000

Copy and photos from Cowen's.

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