Sunday, July 5, 2015

"Contemplating Treason, the Jacobite uprising of '45"

In 1745 the Highlanders rose against the king of England hoping to put Royal Charlie on the throne. The carved Scottish flat horn is a contemporary piece made by TC Albert. (image 1) It's the only contemporary piece shown, the rest are Scottish antiques from the era of the uprising including: A crystal Jacobite toasting glass circa 1750 (image 2)...a highland dirk circa 1750 marked "Paton", a maker who apprenticed under Robt. Boog of Edinburgh (image 2) ...Silver spoons with Edinburgh hallmarks circa 1774 (image 3)...Scottish steel pistols including a silver inlaid pistol by Thos Caddell ; an engraved steel pistol marked Tho. Caddell, and an unmarked steel pistol from the Scottish Eastern coast, likely Brechin (image 4)...close up of the Tho. Caddell lock and makers mark (image 5) engraved brass Scottish pistol by Murdoch (image 6)...a Scottish baskethilt with five fullers circa 1710 - 1730 (image 7)...three Scottish swords including a baskethilt circa 1700-1750 with a 17th century steel blade (top), a ribbonhilted sword circa 1685 (bottom) and the five fullered blade (center) (image 8 and 9)...a blunderbuss circa 1685 made by John Dafte "London". Daft was imprisoned for supplying guns in a plot to kill the king. (image 10 and 11). Although the horn is contemporary, it looks right at home surrounded by these Scottish antiques. Carved into the pewter base of the horn is the traditional Scottish toast " Slainte Mhor Agad" or "to your health." And with that let the celebration of our own uprising begin...

Copy and photos by T.C. Albert.

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