Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pipe Tomahawk by Eric von Aschwege

“This pipe tomahawk started life as a very different tool; a late 19th century shingling hatchet I found in a bucket of rusty tools in an antique shop.  The head was heavily reworked to reflect the look of a late 18th century design, including drilling out the hammer poll for a pipe bowl.  Once assembled, a patina was applied to both wood and metal to give the piece a well-used appearance.  Not based off of a particular original piece, I incorporated details found on a few early tomahawks in James R. Johnson’s “Accouterments” book series.  Though the head looks nothing like it once did, a small notch was intentionally left in the lower edge of the blade in recognition of its former purpose.”

More about Eric and his work can be found at his web site Neahkahnie Flintlocks.

Copy and photos supplied by Eric von Aschwege.


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