Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Powder Horn by Roy Howman for Brian Laster

This is a horn made for Brian Laster of Tennessee. Brian asked me to create a horn to commemorate Henry Timberlake's 1760's expeditions into the "Over the Mountain" Cherokee settlements in what is now Tennessee. He wanted to show something about the Cherokee chiefs that traveled to London with Timberlake to Meet King George. I chose to feature an engraving done in London of Chief Austenaco, principal Chief of the Cherokee nation at that time. I also featured Henry Timberlake's Map of the Cherokee settlements. This map is considered to be a very accurate map of the Cherokee settlements considering what Timberlake had to work with. Modern Archaeologists have used his map to find and excavate many of the original Cherokee villages.

Roy Howman from Ashland, Ohio is a maker of Contemporary Powder Horns. He is also a CLA member. Roy have been actively making horns since 2006. He make Traditional powder horns, commemorative powder horns and other horn related items. 

Copy and photos supplied by Ron Howman.

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