Friday, April 25, 2014

Masterpieces of American Longrifles: The Kindig Family Collection

Don't miss this rare opportunity to see a remarkable assemblage of more than fifty guns from indisputably one of the nation's most important collections of American longrifles. Exceptional examples of rifles by master gun makers from Adams, Berks, Lancaster, and Lebanon counties, among others, will be featured in the exhibition. Beginning in the early decades of the twentieth century, Joe Kindig Jr., renowned antiques dealer and collector from York, Pennsylvania, amassed an encyclopedic collection of American longrifles. Kindig's interest in the guns rested as much with the development of eighteenth-century weaponry as with the skilled artistry and craftsmanship evident in each example. Interestingly, Kindig sold many objects, including outstanding examples of European arms and armor, to the Reading Public Museum in the 1940s and 50s. The story of Kindig's achievements and legacy will also be featured in the exhibition.

This exhibit will be at the Reading Public Museum from May 24-September 1, 2014.

Copy and photo from the Reading Public Museum.

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