Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fowler by Ken Gahagan

This is a copy of an original Fowler I was lucky enough to have on loan for several months. The architecture is exactly like the original but some of the hardware like the butt plate and side plate in particular were changed to be more Dutch versus the British on the original. The lock was also changed from the original round face ( lock looked to have been replaced) to this Dutch flat faced lock by The Rifle Shoppe. Ed Rayl 24 gauge 52" all round barrel as per the original.

This photo includes a fine bag made by James Rogers and a flask by Steve Lodding.

Copy and photos supplied by Ken Gahagan. Robert Weil blacked out the background on a lot of these photos for me which I appreciate. 


  1. That is an excellent early fowler. Looks to have belonged to a rather prosperous Dutchman!

    I especially like the last photo posed with the accouterment. Thanks for sharing

  2. Exquisite work, Ken. Just beautiful.

  3. As always, another inspiring project from Ken. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.