Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mike McHugh After Martin Shell

This is a rifle that I built recently based on the work of Martin Shell.  I like to stay within the the school of the smith I'm work from. I've always admired Shell's work. The quality of his carving is outstanding and it appears he was comfortable changing his carved designs from time to time. On the other hand, his engraving seems to be an after thought. Of course, there is the possibility that someone else was doing the engraving. How could the same hand be responsible for both (carving and engraving). The profile of his big brass patchbox and toe plate lend them selves to many alternative engraving possibilities. So I've re-designed the engraving using elements from the Dauphin County school. A little silver wire inlay to fill in his incised lines didn't seem to far fetched either! 

Copy and photos supplied by Mike McHugh.

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