Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1790's Sash by Tom Condé

1790s chevron sash with oblique. 
L 61", W 4". Fringes 20"
Fine 2-ply worsted yarns, linen thread, glass beads 
Similar to a sash from the Foster Collection at the National Museum of the American Indian, this sash was created by weaving a double chevron and then sewing oblique woven strips to the edges.  
The original sash is one of many items collected by Major Andrew Foster at Ft. Miami or Ft. Michilimakinac between 1790 and 1795.  A combination of the two techniques of finger weaving used in the Great Lakes and Eastern Woodlands by the Native Americans and adopted by the French-Canadians, there are 2 items in the Foster collection constructed in this way. A warp-faced weave for the center portion and oblique woven strips sewn on to create a contrasting selvedge. Other pieces and images from the time period indicate this type of construction at least as early as the 1770s.

Copy and photos supplied by Tom Condé.

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