Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pistol by Daniel Casey

This is a 40 cal., iron mounted pistol. The barrell has a hand filed swamp in it and measures 14 in. long, with my name,and a scroll on either side engraved on the top flat. The breech plug tang is, evgraved and inlayed with silver, and stamped with a heart. The stock is of curly maple stained dark with nitric acid. On the back of the grip there is an engraved steel band all the way around to the trigger guard, which has a silver plate for the owners name, and 4 raised silver flowers. There is an engraved silver plate on the bow of the trigger guard, along with a cross and two flowers stamped on the rear section of the grip. Each double ramrod thimble is filed octagonal with a wedding band on either end of all four. The nose cap is cast pewter, and the sideplate is inlayed with silver and stamped with my touchmark.

Copy and photos supplied by Daniel Casey.


  1. This young mans gift and passion just blew my mind.

  2. I just watched the episode of Iron & Fire where he made this pistol with the House brothers. Such precision these men have.