Friday, June 5, 2009

Quilled Bag by Eli Motsay, Eric Elias and Ward Oles

This is a close reproduction of an original 18th century bag housed in the Karl May Museum, Dresden, Germany. The reproduction consists of 7 half-tanned deer legs with dew claws attached, 30 tinned iron cones individually quill wrapped on the bag face, 42 cones on the quill netted base, an 8 strand quill plaited strap, with imitation wampum accents. This is one of 2 such Native bags constructed of tanned deer legs, possibly showing a Germanic influence as per a few European examples constructed of Stag and or Reindeer. The original had considerable wear including missing cones, hair slippage, missing quills, etc. This bag was a collaborative effort of Eli Motsay, Eric Elias and Ward Oles.

Copy and Photos supplied by Ward Oles.

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