Tuesday, April 9, 2024

CLA Executive Director Closing Remarks

 To My Fellow:

CLA / CLF BODs, Officers, CLA / CLF Committee Members, and Katie

As the end of my tenure, as Executive Director of the CLA and the CLF, draws near (April 10, 2024), I take great pleasure in knowing I leave these organizations in great hands. On April 10th it will have been 30 years since I drafted a vision for the CLA. The rest is history!

I want to thank all of you for your willingness to dedicate the time and energy required to move the CLA and the CLF forward.

Organizations like the CLA and the CLF do not just happen. They grow when hard-working members and leaders, willingly, spend their time to recognize new opportunities. No doubt the spirit of such a culture defines the current leadership that I am sure will embrace new visions and opportunities to advance the CLA and CLF missions for our membership.

I want to remember, with you, these members who joined me in launching a vision for the longrifle culture by becoming the first CLA BODs when the future of such a movement was just a vision.

President                                        Wallace Gusler                   

Vice President                                 Mel Hankla                         

Treasurer                                         Gary Brumfield (Deceased)                                

Secretary                                         Mark Silver              

Directors                                         Earl Lanning            

                                                        Jim Chambers

                                                        Art Riser

                                                        Ed Louer (Deceased)

                                                        Joe Wood

                                                       Bob Harn (Deceased

                                                       Don Getz (Deceased)

Administrator                                 Rachel Nolen

 Executive Director                       Gordon Barlow

These were dedicated leaders elected to represent the 178 charter members who joined the CLA in its founding year.

As the entire landscape of America changes, the CLA and the CLF will face challenges, however, I am confident that the history of the longrifle, related accoutrements, and longrifle art will not be lost and the CLA, through your leadership, will cultivate young minds as they discover the CLA mission.

As promised, I have attached my final thoughts about the future of the CLA and the CLF. I will be happy to discuss any of my points of consideration should you have questions.

I will continue to be active with the CLA Public Relations and Membership Committees and will assist Rachel and Katie, as needed, with the CLA and CLF administration.

Thank you for promoting the CLA mission.


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