Friday, October 6, 2023


FLINTLOCK KENTUCKY RIFLE. Cal. 50. NSN. Bbl. 42 1/2" of double taper octagon. Top flat is engraved "W. GUSLER Williamsburg. Va". Wallace Gusler was the master gunsmith at Colonial Williamsburg producing fine handmade rifles under he retired in 2004. German silver blade front sight w/ fixed rear sight, sight base is engraved 1969. Plain unmarked lock. Curled plain trigger. Full length pin fastened cheekpiece maple stock. Right side has a rectangular lid pierced & engraved daisy finial brass patchbox. Brass finger curled trigger guard. Wide brass buttplate & toe plate w/ floral engraving. Engraved brass side plate. Cheekpiece has a molded edge that is bordered by vine type relief floral carving. Vine type relief carving is also found around top tang & thimble. Lower edge of stock & ramrod channel have molded borders w/ highlights of incise carving. Hardwood ramrod is held by a brass thimble & 2 faceted brass pipes. 

WEIGHT: 8 lbs, 15.6 oz. 

CONDITION: bbl. & lock retain over 90% brown finish showing slight edge wear w/ scattered spotting. Brass fittings have acquired a mild patina. Stock has very good finish showing small marks. Bore retains sharp rifling. (01-21955/DS). 


ANTIQUE. $4500-6500.

LOTT: 3534

Poulin Auction Copy and Photos from here.

Fall 2023 Premier Firearms & Militaria Auction

November 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th, 2023
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