Tuesday, June 6, 2023



Lot #: 3493

Estimate: 5,500.00 - 7,500.00 USD

Realized Amount: 5,445.00 USD

KENTUCKY RIFLE BY HACKER MARTIN. Cal. 32. NSN. Hacker Martin was an old school Kentucky rifle builder who learned his craft from his grandfather. This small bore light rifle has 42" octagon barrel fitted with "U" notch rear and German silver bead front sights. An inlet German silver area on top flat behind rear sight is engraved "H*Martin*Made Me For*Norma Bedford". Old, trade type flintlock with serpentine cock and bridled roller frizzen is stamped "RIGBY". Stock of hard maple with curly grain extends to muzzle with 2 1/2" brass cap and attaches to barrel with four brass side bolts. Stock is brass mounted with usual faceted trigger guard and crescent buttplate. Fancy sideplate has three piercings, the center being a heart. Patchbox is quite unusual, shaped and engraved depicting a church spire, windows and belfry are pierced. Buttplate return with many piercings has fancy outline and patchbox release button is toward rear. Other unusual features of stock are the very long top tang which extends over comb, and pierced German silver comb plate. Stock is decorated with over 35 small German silver inlays of crescent moon and heart pattern. Side bolt escutcheons are also of a fancy pattern. Butt has inlaid 8 pointed star at face of cheekpiece and edge has German silver wear plate with pricker. Area between trigger guard and thimble are inlaid with German silver palm plate having five elliptical piercings, central portraying a running stag. Stock also has some incised scroll carving behind and under cheekpiece. 

CONDITION: fine with artificial aging. Barrel and lock showing brown patina. Stock retains most of its original oil finish. Brass has toned to brown. Bore is shiny but has many minor pits toward muzzle, mechanically good. (01-21949/MGM). 

The realized price has been added to items previously posted on the Poulin Auction.

Copy and photography from 2023 Spring Poulin's Auction here.

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