Monday, March 27, 2023

Jack Haugh for Barbara Haugh

Made in 1973 this all handmade rifle by the rifle maker Jack Haugh was for his wife Barbara dated on the side of the breech. It is made left handed with a highly figured stock of maple, now black. It was sealed with Bivins Express Oil. It has a hand filed Octagon to Round barrel, in 50 Cal. The style is Christian Springs like the Edward Marshall Rifle by Oerter. He did very nice accent silver wire inlay as well. All of the mounts were his own castings with very fine engraving. The forstock molding is a fine as it gets. Jack Haugh worked with John Bivins on the 1976 Pennsylvania Bicentenial Rifle Sets with Mark Solver and Monte Madarino and Tom White as the powder horn maker. All of these makers work is still fine.

Supplied copy and photos.

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