Tuesday, April 19, 2022

44th Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show: Bone Tipped & Banded Horns Volume II by Jay Hopkins

Volume II – Jay Hopkins’ greatly anticipated Volume II of his Bone Tipped & Banded Horns book is published.  Those who have seen the contents of Volume II feel this edition is even better and more interesting than the first volume thus making Volume II a “must have book” for your personal library.  All collectors of powder horns and Kentucky rifles will greatly benefit from having this book in their library.

This second volume continues his 50-year study concentrating on regional characteristics of professionally made powder horns from the southern US.  It has been significantly augmented by collaboration and cooperation with other collectors, students, and museums. The focus of Volume II is on powder horns of the south including North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.This volume will be hardbound with approximately 320 pages, over 140 powder horns featured and over 600 full color images. Each horn is illustrated, measured in multiple parameters and the various materials and woods identified.  Then, pertinent history and biographical information is included, as well as an analysis of the horn and its origin.

Volume II is $79.95, plus $10.00 postage

This book will be for sale at the 44th Tennessee Kentucky Rifle Show so hopefully you can save on postage. For those not attending the show can go here  on the Horn Guild site to purchase.

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