Thursday, July 22, 2021

2021 CLA Live Auction: Knife, Sheath and Display by Verlin Cossel


This rifleman’s knife, sheath, small war club, and display stand are a unique set from the clever hands and mind of CLA artist Verlin Cossel.  

The knife has a 7 ¼-inch hand-forged blade. Verlin studied knife making with the House brothers and had additional input from Sam Stoner, a Mennonite blacksmith.  The 1084 carbon steel blade has a 4-inch handle of deer leg bone. The sheath is walnut dyed deerskin hand-sewn over a deer raw-hide liner. Walnut stain was also used on the knife handle

To accompany the almost 1 foot-long knife, Verlin has made a handy miniature war club, 10 inches tall, sculpted from wormy American Chestnut, with a coin silver plate engraved by Hershel House commemorating the 25 years of the CLA.  Verlin also made a neat little 6 ½- inch wide base of American Chestnut with nickel silver supports to display the rig.

Verlin is a frequent donor to the CLF live auction.  His knives are made on a coal forge and antique anvils in the best traditional methods of the contemporary longrifle. He says he enjoys learning from the artists who make the CLA by sharing their skills and continuing the tradition.

Photography by David Wright

Text by Heinz Ahlers

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