Monday, February 3, 2020

Canter's Cave Raffle

This entire set was made as a donation to Canter's Cave in Jackson Ohio to raise funds for their 4H shooting sports program. There will be a raffle which I currently have no info on - It is slated to be advertised in Muzzleloader Magazine and I will update as soon as there's more to tell.
This project was suggested by Ken Gahagan at last year's Gunmakers' Workshop. Initially he and I were just going to build a gun to donate, but other instructors who teach the classes out there and a few helpful students quickly got on board and offered to help out. We ended up with this full set of items. I'll add more info with the individual photos. For info on the classes offered at Canter's Cave , see the Southern Ohio Artisan Workshops website -
This set is to be at the Lake Cumberland Show.
Powder horn by Gary Ludwig with woven strap by Maryellen Pratt

Knife by John House and Ian Pratt

Smoothrifle by Ian Pratt and Ken Gahagan.

Hammer Poll Tomahawk by Rich McDonald with carrier by Jeanne McDonald

(not shown - ball pouch donated by Eric Fleisher)

Ken Gahagan and I started building the gun during the 2 weeks of gun classes in January - was nice to be able to use it as a demonstration piece for the students.

The gun is a 12 gauge smoothrifle. The stock blank, barrel and lock were paid for by Ken and several students in the gun class. I forged the iron buttplate and trigger guard (both of which Ken fitted with some cool brass embellishments) and got the stock shaping started while Ken made sideplate, pipes, muzzle cap and trigger. We both kind of jumped back and forth on inletting parts. Ken took it home after our class and worked on it for a while longer getting the shaping and details worked out, then shipped it up to me to make a patchbox plus relief carving and finish work.

Cool mix of brass and iron fittings - the pipes and muzzle cap were also done in brass

Hog hide pouch by Maryellen Pratt, instructor of Leatherwork and More class

Antler handled knife by John House - Knifemakers' Workshop instructor, and Ian Pratt - Gunmakers' workshop instructor

Knife by John House and Ian Pratt. Blade stamped with the Southern Ohio Artisan Workshops touchmark.

Nice very thinly scraped powder horn with cherry base plug by Gary Ludwig, with woven strap by Maryellen Pratt

Great hammer poll hawk with carrier by Rich and Jeanne McDonald. Rich teaches the Tomahawk / Belt Axe Workshop and Jeanne teaches Leatherwork and More

Hammer poll hawk by Rich McDonald. Todd Butler and Joe Mcgee assisted in shaping and filing the head after Rich forged it.

Ball pouch made by Eric Fleisher

Copy and photos supplied by Ian Pratt.

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