Sunday, June 26, 2016

Medusa by Tom Curran

This is based on Caravaggio's painting of the beheaded Medusa. It was said one could still be turned to stone by looking directly upon her face. Such a dark theme....well, yes, that the darkness repels and fascinates at the same time is a curious phenomenon.

This piece was a difficult journey into realms I was not comfortable in, testing my skills, pushing myself into unknown lands beyond my experience. I always push myself, tempered by 'always test your ideas on scrap'. With practice, one can enter foreign seas with eyes open, avoiding some pitfalls, increasing your chances of a safe landfall.
Medusa's portrait is sterling silver, raised and chased with punches, and clinched into a bronze shield, which is engraved with a Greek key border.

The pendant is 2 1/4" diameter overall, and hangs about 4" below the neck on a 19" long black leather cord.

The back view shows adders writhing to form the loops for the necklace attachment. Signed and dated 2016.

The clasp is another viper, easily caught by a flat oval loop.

Entirely hand made by me except for the cord.

Copy and photos supplied by Tom Curran.

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