Friday, May 9, 2014

2014 CLA Live Auction: Maryellen Pratt Hunting Pouch with Joe Seabolt Powder Horn and Knife

Noted pouch maker, Maryellen Pratt teamed up with noted blacksmith Joe Seabolt for this years auction. Maryellen made the pouch, horn strap, and lucet. Joe Seabolt made everything else. The set is in part based original work of the period but is really a contemporary bag and horn set inspired by work of the early 1800s. The D shaped pouch is made of a mix of bark tanned deer hide and calf hide, hand sewn with linen thread. Has a forged iron buckle and fringed embellishments on the flap and sheath.   The contemporary horn by Joe Seabolt has a unique iron "end cap" stamped w/ makers mark, and a turned walnut applied tip. The spout plug is secured by a length of lucet cordage hand woven by Maryellen, an interesting small detail. Maryellen also produced the loom woven strap with leather ends. There is a river cane powder measure and vent pick suspended by steel chain - powder measure features burned in decoration- and a Seabolt traditional antler handled half tang patch knife.

Copy by Heinz Ahlers with photo by Ric Lambert.

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