Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Buffalo Bill" Cody

An autographed cabinet card of "Buffalo Bill" Cody.  On the back of the card is an advertisement for the Chicago Union Pacific and North-Western Line railroad company that transported people to see Cody's Wild West show.  This card was given to those traveling on the train to see the show and for a small amount, a nickel or a dime, Cody would autograph the card.  I got this card years ago from an elderly lady who, as a young girl, had traveled on the train, with her family, to see the show.  I also have a similar cabinet card with "Custer's Last Rally" on the front and the railroad company adv on the back.  I believe these were given out to people taking the train west to see the Custer Battlefield?

Copy and photos by Randy Hedden.

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