Saturday, November 10, 2012

New England Club-Butt Musket

American Revolutionary War Period New England Club-Butt Musket, ca. 1770’s (Ex. George c. neumann Collection and pictured in “battle weapons of the american revolution”) in fine original flintlock condition.  The round, pin-fastened, 39 1/8”, smoothbore, 77 caliber barrel with an untouched, brown/gray, age patina and a top-mounted bayonet-lug sight.  Gracefully carved, classic New England design, Club-Butt form, maple fullstock of Revolutionary War Period form: with a pronounced drop to the wrist and a deeply fluted comb.  Of typical American manufacture and made from recycled Brown Bess and American made parts.  “TOWER” marked lock and a Shortened Pattern buttplate.  American made sheet-brass and recycled English mounts: a flat/triangular-form “rifle-type” sideplate, three cast brass ramrod pipes, a Shortland type trigger-guard with raised hazelnut finial and a pin-fastened nose-cap.  Recycled English P. 1777 lock with untouched, brown/gray surfaces having some scattered patches of discoloration and the expected signs of use/ware.  Retains its original components and is in mechanically functional order.  In fine original flintlock condition.  The barrel exhibits an even, smooth, age-patina with sharp contours and choice steel surfaces.  The lock with its original components, fine mechanics and matching untouched surfaces.  Fine Club-Butt stock with 85%+ finish, sharp contours, a deeply fluted and dropped butttstock, scattered handling marks and minor ware.  The hardware with a smooth mustard-toned age-patina.  The lock, en suite with matching, smooth, steel surfaces and fine mechanics.  A nice example of a classic New England made, Revolutionary War Period Club-Butt Musket.  A rare form of American Musket from the American Revolutionary War in fine condition.  Retains its original iron ramrod.  Overall length, 54 7/8”.  From the collection of the noted Author and Historian, George C. Neumann.  Illustrated on page 141 of his: “Battle Weapons of the American Revolution”.

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