Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gunpowder Casks for Fort Loudoun by Marshall Scheetz

These gunpowder casks were coopered for Fort Loudoun State Historic Area in Vonore Tennessee.  Fort Loudoun was a British Fort during the French and Indian War dating 1756-1760 before it was captured the Cherokee.  

 Cooperage, or wooden-staved containers, were all purpose vessels in urban, rural, domestic and industrial environments.  Gunpowder was shipped and stored in several different sizes of cask.  The volatile and fragile nature of gunpowder required a special container.  A coopered cask was ideal because it created a virtually air tight environment to protect the powder from surrounding humidity and elements.  Casks are extremely durable, easy to move by rolling,  and, when bound in copper, brass, or saplings, created an ideal environment protected from the potential of premature combustion.

Copy and photos supplied by Marshall Scheetz of Jamestown Cooperage. More photos and copy can be found on this project here.

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