Sunday, November 4, 2012

American Revolutionary War Era Musket

Interesting American Revolutionary War era musket with associated American and British parts, nicely striped American walnut stock. The gun measures 56” overall with 39-1/2” barrel of approx. .78 caliber smoothbore. The lock shows English Tower markings and proofs as does the barrel. The trigger guard and buttplate are classic British, with the buttplate showing some light engraving and a very early style. The stocking is very American with no forend cap, no sideplate, forged iron ferrules. The gun shows a crudely forged ramrod of the American style. The metal surface shows light to heavy scattered pitting and erosion, heaviest erosion occurring at the firing areas. There is some newer type rust and remnant of a “24’ on the barrel which appears to be a regimental marking. The stock shows an old break at the wrist and is repaired by screws. The stock also shows some loses around the bottom edge of the lock opening around the pin-holes. Many small dings and mars, but other than the repairs, generally good. The lock is in its original flintlock configuration with the hammer screw an old replacement. The mounts show a deep patina. The wood is without a doubt American and of the 18th century and has a nice striped “Kentucky” type look.

Copy and image from Little John Auction.

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