Monday, November 12, 2012

Cased Pair of Pistols by Shane Emig

This is a matched pair of pistols that are snugly fit into a walnut case, all of which was built by Shane. The Pistols are built in the Lancaster Pa style using Northern Curly Maple for the stocks. The barrels are custom made, both .54 caliber, one smooth and one rifled. These pair of pistols were built from a blank and feature Hand-Made sideplates and buttcaps. The triggers and small Siler locks were both heavily modified for this project. The walnut case was all hand dovetailed and all partitions were hand made and hand fit by Shane. Inside the case are all the accouterments you need to load and shoot the pistols. The loading rod and turn screw were hand made by Shane and the powder flask and brass oil bottle were imported from England. This set was made to reflect what a bran new cased pistol set would look like with no wear or patina.

Copy and photos supplied by Shane Emig at Cabin Creek Muzzleloading.

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