Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dick Kearney Finger Woven Sash

This sash was actually woven by Dick himself, I watched him work on it at an Eastern Rendezvous one year. The original is in a painting of an Indian but sadly I have forgotten who the painting is of. This is a large sash, the woven body is 3 1/4" wide and 41" long, the beaded fringe is 30" long on EACH END, 101" overall. It is woven of very fine yarn and heavily beaded with tiny seed beads. As you can see in the photo the sash is red with a blue border and white beads. The only time this sash has ever been used, Dick was wearing it as a turban when I bought it, it has been in a display in my Indian room ever since. I have owned it for over 20 years. 

Copy and photo supplied by Paul Jones.

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