Thursday, November 22, 2012

c. 1792 Federal Period, Flintlock, Hallmarked “J Mason"

This classic New England Style Flintlock design bears inscription “Mason” stamped within metal on the octagonal, smooth bore, iron barrel top forward of the added brass sight. The decorative carved stock has nice geometric and floral designs and inlaid metal pieces on stock; Overall length: 55” with a 40” long barrel. Brass box is not too fancy, with added Hand-engraved decorative features and the Lock with four significant star burst patterns with three smaller Stars at the back of the Lock plate having a surround of added denticles. This Flintlock Long Rifle has seen actual use and has a couple of trivial bumps, several well made early contemporary repairs to seal cracks in the wooden stock. Brass butt plate, ramrod present as is all furniture. 

“J Mason” possibly a gunsmith who lived in the Worcester, Massachusetts area. That John Mason (1775-1843) apprenticed to Thomas Holbrook (1747-1810) of Sherborn, MA and in about 1797 John Mason moved to Shrewsbury, MA. where he set up a gunshop. Also Silas Allen may have apprenticed to John Mason about 1800. (See: Bulletin # 44, American Society of Arms Collectors, "Worcester County Gunsmiths 1760-1830 by Thompson.)

Copy and photos from Early American.

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