Sunday, September 8, 2013

Knife and Sheath by White Wolf

3-5/16 X 1 in. wide blade forged from an old Nicholson file.  Decorative filework in the thumb position. Handle is osage orange (bow wood) and is 4-1/4 in. long.  Knife OAL is 7-11/16 in.  Handle wrap is deer rawhide sewn while wet, and has deerskin overwraps front and rear, which are treated with a special glue for durability and lifetime grip enhancement.  A solid brass tack is on both sides of the handle.

Sheath has 7 oz. cowhide core and is covered with tanned deerskin.  Decoration includes a beaded rosette (major element), collar fringe using a piece of old sail cloth, deerskin fringe, aged brass beads, a red & blue glass bead, a copper bead, a bone hairpipe, aged brass and tin cones, black horsehair.  Tastefully aged finish. 

Copy and images supplied by White Wolf.

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