Saturday, September 14, 2013

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James Julia Auction
October 14th, 15th, & 16th

Extraordinarily rare and important signed John Armstrong Kentucky pistol, believed to be the only signed example known. Frank Sujansky Collection 

Extraordinarily rare and important pair of cased James Haslett dueling pistols with gold, silver & platinum. Believed to be the finest American flint dueling pistols in private hands. Ex Renwick, Locke Coll. Frank Sujansky Collection 

Rare pair of Jacob Kunz of Philadelphia, Kentucky flint pistols. Frank Sujansky Collection

Fine J.J. Henry/Boulton KY style F/L pistol in 45 cal, smooth bore. Collection of Woody Frey. 

Rare Revolutionary War Officers pistol - James Walsh of Philadelphia. Collection of Dr. Douglas Sirkin 

Incredible North & Cheney 1799 Flintlock Pistol, First Contract! Collection of Dr. Douglas Sirkin 

Extremely rare 1st Mod VA Manufactory pistol - less than 25 known! Collection of Dr. Douglas Sirkin 

Extraordinary 1811 S. North Cavalry Pistol - First Model. Collection of Dr. Douglas Sirkin 

Rare Revolutionary War Horse Pistol Committee of Safety. Collection of Dr. Douglas Sirkin 

Copy and photos from James Julia.

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