Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Loom-woven Quilled Bag by Jan Zender

This is a rare piece of loom-woven work by Jan Zender. It was made in the mid-nineties. Inspired by original bags in the Great Lakes area, it features a rectangular bag of brain tanned leather, lined with a beautiful piece of cloth that looks like the design on it has been hand-blocked. All the beads are old ones. The outside seam of the bag is decorated in blue beads as well as the bags top opening. The strap is comprised of five strands of hand-cut leather strips decorated with white beads. There is a beaded piece at the top of the shoulder strap where the strap would rest on the shoulder. There are not many people that do loom work these days and Jan’s work is excellent in every respect and historically correct. It is very tedious work to weave quills on a loom and then apply the woven quill work to the bag. Finally there are two rows of brass cones with dyed deer or moose hair, one under each row of quills work. 


Copy and photos by Mark Sage. This item is available for purchase, contact Mark Sage.

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