Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013 CLA Show: Photos

“Before The Golden Age,
The Transition Era”

By Bob Roughton

With thanksgiving for our blessings, we present this group of rifles


Jack Haugh  This is the omega of the PA Bicentennial Rifle Series, serial number two hundred.  An over the top creation of the 1776 Rifle. A fitting end to the run. 44” Barrel, Cal .50

Earl Lanning  One of Earl’s fantasy guns.  This early Dickert Style is aged to look the part of a Rev War Veteran, and personalized to 1776. 44” Barrel, Cal .54

Judson Brennan  This is a copy f a real Jaeger that is Americanized with longer barrel and American brass, but the carving is off the original.  44 7/8” Barrel, Cal.54

Wallace Gusler  This early Virginia Style Rifle is one of his totally hand forged pieces.  He even felled the tree to make the stock. Dated 1970. 41 1/8” Barrel, Cal .53

John Bivins/Monte Mandarino  This joint effort by John and Monte is cartouched by both.  A rare item in the Lancaster area, Rev War Style.  44” barrel. Cal .50

Allen Martin  This wonderful creation is a variation of the early Isaac Berlin Rifle, and nicely aged. 45 1/2” Barrel, Cal .54

John Bivins  Another stepped wrist is this early type rifle of the era.  Signed with John’s cartouche.  42 5/16” Barrel, Cal .58

Mark Wheland  A variation of several Christian Springs Rifles starting with the lamb’s head finial on the side opening patchbox.  43 1/2” Barrel, Cal .58

John Bivins  This signed piece is series number one in the Pennsylvania Rifle series.  A variation of Rev War Lancaster style.  44” Barrel, Cal .50

Robert Harn  Early Revolutionary War Era with a 2” side butt plate.  One of his most beautiful creations, nicely aged.  Formely in the Don Getz Collection.  44” Barrel, Cal .54

Judson Brennan  This superb copy of the famous Griffin rifle by Christina Oerter is signed as the original.  The Brennan signature is on the butt plate.  43 5/8’ Barrel, Cal .54

Allan Martin  This is a copy of an early Lehigh Valley Rifle by an unknown maker, with strong Germanic influnce.  Very similar to the Isaac Berlin Rifle.  43 9/16” Barrel, Cal .58

John Smith  A true transitional rifle with stepped wrist and other early features, delightfully engraved by John Schppers with full coverage.  44” Barrel, Cal.54

Mark Wheland  This is an American version of the Edward Marshall Rifle with longer barrel and American brass.  The carving is same as the original.  43 13/16”, Cal .58

Michael McHugh  Composite of two early Martin Shell Rifles from the Pre Revolutionary War Era.  Martin worked in Heidelberg Township, PA, at that time.  44” Barrel, Cal .50

Bob Roughton

Photographed at the 2013 CLA Show by Jan Riser.


  1. I am so glad you shared these. IMHO, that was the most amazing display of contemporary rifles at the show. Great pictures too!

  2. Thanks for the display Bob.