Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wallace Gusler at James Julia

Rare Contemporary Pre-Revolutionary War Long Rifle by Master Gunsmith Wallace B. Gusler of Colonial Williamsburg, VA

This masterpiece Kentucky long rifle was made in 1969 by one of the most famous contemporary long rifle makers of all time. Wallace B. Gusler was the first master gunsmith in the Colonial Williamsburg gunmaking shop beginning in 1963. Young Mr. Gusler was the star of the most watched Kentucky rifle related documentary film to date "The Gunsmith of Williamsburg" which was narrated by news anchor David Brinkley. Mr. Gusler is one of the top makers of rifles made completely by hand and has been an influence on the Williamsburg gunsmiths who followed him. This rifle features a curly maple stock. The wood blank was handcut by Wallace Gusler in Ft.Lewis, VA prior to his coming to Colonial Williamsburg. All the hardware was made in sand cast molds. Patchbox is one piece sand cast with a captured lid. Stock has 2" wide butt as proper for the early period. Toe plate, patchbox, buttplate and sideplate are masterfully hand engraved. Stock has very fine forestock molding with fine rear entry thimble carving. Stock was stained with nitric acid and polished with a boiled linseed oil finish. The workmanship in this rifle represents the quality normally found only in the finest of orig rifles. Rifle is .50 Cal and patina is that of a period orig. This rifle was made in what is today considered the Williamsburg Shop's Golden Age. 

CONDITION: As new condition. To our knowledge this is the first Gusler Long Rifle to be offered at public auction. 4-49417 RG46 (10,000-15,000)

Copy and photos from James Julia.

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