Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kentucky Pistol by Hacker Martin

This mid 19th century style percussion Kentucky pistol is signed by contemporary maker Hacker Martin. The pistol is stocked in curly maple and trimmed in brass furniture. Nickel silver accents are fitted to the forearm and the wrist.

The unique percussion lock appears to be hand made for this pistol. The drum and nipple appear to be well supported, critical for this style ignition. The lock has a brass lock plate with ball end tail. The lock plate is decorated with a zig zag engraved border and vine design. The front of the lock plate is stamped Hacker Martin.

The 8" barrel has a gentle taper from the breech to the muzzle. The breech is 45/64" octagon while the muzzle is 5/8". The top flat of the barrel is stamped Hacker Martin. The .43 caliber bore of the barrel is rifled with seven narrow lands and wide grooves. The bore is bright. We do note that the front sight dovetail has left a visible impression in the bore along the uppermost groove.

The butt is fitted with brass buttcap with a Fluer de Lys design at the rear. The buttcap is decorated with a zig zag border and six pointed star design around the mounting screw.

The triggerguard and ramrod entry pipe are both decorated with zig zag engraved borders. The tapered ramrod has no provisions for threaded accessories.

The stock is decorated with nickel silver hearts and diamond inlays. The brass sideplate is fitted flush with the side panel and secured to the stock with small nails. The sideplate is engraved with a zig zag border and vine designs.

A unique Kentucky pistol with curly maple stock, brass trim, and hand made percussion lock signed by a well known contemporary maker Hacker Martin.

Copy and photos from Track of the Wolf.

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