Thursday, August 12, 2010

Traditionally Decorated Leggings and Ties Made and Donated by Penny Wayne and Tom Gifford for the 2010 CLA Live Auction

Penny Wayne of “Kentucky Leather and Hide” and Tom Gifford worked together to create this set of decorated leggings and ties. Using only traditional tools and techniques including an antler awl, Penny hand made this set completely from brain tanned deer hide, punching holes one at a time as she hand sewed every seam. Making similar clothing items for the past fifteen years, she has hand crafted over 6oo pieces, all in a neat and authentic manner.

Tom Gifford then took the leggings to decorate.  Tom first dyed them with ashes to give them a warm mellow patina, and further enhancing that old original look, he edged them in traditional silk ribbon, bead work and dyed porcupine quills. Together, Tom and Penny have made and donated a very authentic pair of genuine old time leggings that not only look the part, but are ready to hit the trails with some lucky bidder. Imagining natives or long hunters, pushing through the uncharted wilderness is hard to do with out picturing them wearing a good pair of traditional leggings, and if you need a pair for your kit, it will be hard to find a pair more traditional than these.

The CLA Live Auction will be on Friday, August 20th at 4:00 PM.

Copy by T.C. Albert with photos by Bob Webb.

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