Tuesday, August 17, 2010

“Tammany” Screw Tip Powder Horn Made and Donated by Master Horner Art DeCamp for the 2010 CLA Live Auction

Noted Master Horner, Art DeCamp has crafted a highly authentic recreation of an upper Lehigh/Allentown Pennsylvania screw tip powder horn dating from the 1760 to the 1770 period. Well known for his high level of craftsmanship, and for the authentic detail used in his work, Art made this horn in a truly traditional manner, copying original profiles onto both the lathe turned black horn tip and maple butt, and using the proper 9/16” x 9 per inch screw threads, insuring that this horn has all of the identifying characteristics of the much sought after original screw tips made in this region. Then, following an old time recipe, he mixed a traditionally lead oxide based pigment and decorated the front of the horn with the image of “Chief Tammany”, or “Liberty Cap” figure which is often seen decorating items made in the upper Lehigh area during the 1760s. The back panel was then decorated with a diamond border, two “Tree of Life” figures, and traditionally random polka dots. Moravian craftsmen of this region traditionally fashioned similar horns to supply the local trade, a trade which included local Native Americans.

The CLA Live Auction will be on Friday, August 20th at 4:00 PM.

Copy by T.C. Albert with photo by Bob Webb.

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