Sunday, August 29, 2010

Artist and Displays at the CLA Show 2010

The Beauty of IRON
By Bob Roughton

1. Bob Harn - This piece is done in the Carolina style with the traditional toe plate with six silver inlays and a total of fourteen, including three silver eagles. 45" barrel, Cal .40

2. Ian Pratt - This graceful rifle is done in the Virginia School with hand forged iron work. It is signed "I. Pratt CLA 2008", and is shown in many publications. Six silver inlays and generous silver wire work with a long 45 1/2" barrel, and .45 Ca.

3. Bob Harn - Classic Bob Harn, done in the Virginia School. Raised carved and engraved w2with a silver flower finial. Ot also has a patriotic inlay on the cheek, with the words, "Join or Die". 44" barrel, Cal .58

4. Frank House - This Virginia style rifle contains an abundance of silver inlays, a total of thirthy, plus three pieces of gold. Aged to perfection. It has a 42" barrel, Cal .32

5. Monte Mandarino - While not flashy, this gem shows the work of a master builder. Raised carved and engraved with nice silver wire work, and a hand maded lock. Dated 1979. 38" barrel, Cal .54

1. Bob Harn - Beautiful Virginia style, this rifle was pictured on the cover of "Muzzleloader" Nov. 1987, and is the sister on #3 on the left side. Raised carved and engraved with typical Harn aging. 42" barrel, Cal 50

2. Gerald Neaves - This beauty has a combination of browned, aged and bright iron work, in a early style with sliding patch box. Raised carved and engraved in a most delicate manner. It also features a nice handmade lock. 42" barrel, Cal .54

3. Bob Harn - This delicate little rifle is done as a Virginia school, with moderate embellishments. It is nicely aged and distressed giving it a very authentic appearance, circa 1983. 42" barrel, Cal .50

4. John Bivens - This rifle is serial number one of a pair originally made for the movie, "The Last of the Mohicians". The work was a joint effort of a group of builders, Jim Chambers, Bob Harn, M Ehinger and others. Unfortunately, the director objected to the shorter barrels and neither rifle was used in the movie. It is the only one signed by Bivens. It remains a beautiful example of the Christian Springs style. 37" barrel, Cal .58

Bill Reynolds

 Elizabeth Lee Gaul and Bill Reynolds

Photos by Ron Brimer, Ken Gahagan and Jan Riser. Copy on "The Beauty of IRON" by  Bob Roughton.

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