Tuesday, August 17, 2010

French Type D Fusil Made and Donated by Rich Dillon for the 2010 CLA Live Auction

If you would prefer a gun from the middle of the 18th century, say one built along the classic French lines that influenced generations of American gunsmithing then you will definitely be interested in the 1749, French, St. Etienne type “D” fusil made in the style of French gunsmith Girard by Rich Dillon of Dillon’s Flintlocks.. The winner of several ribbons at last year at Dixon’s Gun Fair, including “Best of Class, Traditional” for Journeymen, Rich found inspiration for this gun in the writings of T.M. Hamilton, and it is of a style that was commonly used about the time of the Natchez War, when it is thought that many of them fell into native hands. Rich’s fusil features a 44” octagon to round barrel in 16 gauge donated by the Getz Barrel Company, a fine period lock donated by Larry Zornes of The Mould and Gun Shop, and wood donated by Dunlap WoodCraft. All remaining parts were either made or purchased by Rich. You may know that “Dillon’s Flintlocks” is run by Rich and his father Ed, and that they are both full time gun builders. All of the various parts used to construct this gun are hand inlet the old fashioned way, as are all the parts of every gun made by them. And every gun is finished with a special five step process, and is presented as “new”, having the true original look and feel of the historical piece that it was inspired by.

The CLA Live Auction will be on Friday, August 20th at 4:00 PM.

Copy by Tim Albert with photos by Bob Webb.

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