Friday, August 3, 2018

2018 CLA Live Auction: Priming Horn by J. K. Stanley

Ken Stanley has created this great priming horn for the auction. This is a nice flat horn approximately 6 inches overall.

A very appealing horn in a useful size and shape for the pouch: it will also make a fine day horn for a squirrel rifle.  This flat horn with great color fits well in the hand and shows the care the artist put into this auction creation. The scrimshaw work on this horn is very well done. Additional touches on this horn are the ebony base plug and the heart finial on the hickory plug. 

In a display, or on the firing line at the Friendship National Shoot, this horn will generate positive comments.  This is an item you just want to pick up and look at, and once you have done that you want to want fit it in your shooting bag.

Ken is a long time CLA member from Idaho and says he has been “dabbling in horns for the last ten years”  He also makes long guns and pistols. Ken is a new contributor to the auction and we hope for his continued support. 

Ken Stanley’s contact information is:
J.K. Stanley

Text and phots by H Ahlers

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