Thursday, August 9, 2018

2018 CLA Live Auction: Hunting Bag by Gary Tingler

Gary Tingler has furnished an exceptionally nice hunting bag for this year’s auction.  The soft leather bag is tightly sewn and features a darker welt.  The design of this bag is notable.  It has a taper from the eight and a half inch bottom to the five and a half inch top. The ample flap fits very closely at the top opening. There are two extra pockets, one under the flap with a separate flap and button closure of its own, and one in the main compartment.  This is a bag that is meant to go into the woods. It closes up tight and is not going to spill balls and small possibles every time you take it off and lay it on its side.

The neat and tidy construction of this bag makes it look smaller than it really is.  It has a wide leather strap and a nicely forged iron buckle.  This is a fine example of Gary’s work and will serve you well.  I think the feel and style of this particular bag will also appeal to the ladies.  This could be a good item to gift your wife when you are trying to explain your plan to put the “Warrior’s Clutch” in your living room.  Bid early and bid often, and don’t  forget the absentee bidding is there if you cannot make it

Gary Tingler can be contacted at

Text by H Ahlers with photos by H Ahlers

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