Wednesday, August 8, 2018

2018 CLA Live Auction: Folding Knife, Scott Summerville and Chuck Edwards

The folding knife is one of the most useful forms of cutlery.  It fits nicely in a pouch or pocket and is handy to have when you are in more formal dress.  A folding knife is often thought of as a requirement fo the gentleman.  And do we ever have a gentleman’s knife for this year’s auction. 

Two excellent CLA artisans, Chuck Edwards and Scott Summerville have teamed up to produce an extraordinary folding knife this year.  Both artists are longtime supporters, so auction fans are familiar with Scott’s beautifully crafted 18th century folding knives and Chuck’s masterful engraving.  

This bone handled knife shows Scotts usual attention to detail and authenticity. The fit and finish are of Sheffield best quality. Using 1095 high carbon steel, Scott carefully tempers each individual part for its intended use.  Chuck Edwards’  professionally executed  engraving makes this a superb custom folding knife. The engraving, perfect for the style and period of this knife, is timeless in its appeal. 

When visiting the auction display at this years CLA meeting be sure to take a close look at this fine artwork from two master craftsmen.  You can carry this artwork in your pocket.  It would be a standout piece at Boone’s Fort, an upland game field, or a KRA banquet.  Bid high and bid often.

The artist contact  information is:
Scott Summerville
Chuck Edwards

Text and photos by H Ahlers

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