Wednesday, August 1, 2018

2018 CLA Live Auction: Hunting Set, Jack Weeks, Paula Hoagland, Rick Lorenzen, Kenny Nichols and Matt Hunt

“I hand stitched the 8x8 inch D- shaped bag of bark tanned deer hide with waxed linen thread.  It has a 3x2 ball pocket and a 4x8 inch partition at the inside back.  Paula Hoagland ( Indiana) provided the hand woven wool and linen strap. Rick Lorenzen (Michigan) contributed the 13 inch scrimshawed  horn with a rattlesnake theme.  The late Kenny Nichols (Alabama) made the 4inch, 70 grain rattlesnake powder measure.  Matt Hunt (Virginia) prepared the bark tan for my bag. “

Each year Jack puts together a team to assemble a unique hunting set with accoutrements.  This year’s rattlesnake set is particularly appealing.  Note the fascinating details on the Lorenzen horn and how coherent the entire set is. This rustic hunting set is well matched and with its rattlesnake theme would go well with a southern rifle.

We note with regret the passing of Kenny Nichols earlier this year.  He will be missed by all of his friends in the longrifle community.

The  artists may be contacted as follows:

Jack Weeks

Rick Lorenzen

Paula Hoagland

Text by Jack Weeks with photo by H. Ahlers

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