Monday, August 6, 2018

2018 CLA Live Auction: Haversack by William Smith

This year the CLA Live Auction is offering one of Bill Smith’s popular haversacks.  This leather and herringbone weave hemp cloth version of Bill’s haversack is particularly attractive.

The haversack is approximately eleven inches by eleven inches.  The leather flap is a very dark brown as is the one and a half inch wide leather strap.  The bag is fully lined in duck cloth with two accessory pockets on the inside.  The Hemp cloth is almost black and the herringbone weave is distinctive.  Bill Smith’s precise stitching is decorative as well as functional.  The strap is equipped with a forged iron buckle.

Bill Smith is a perennial auction supporter with his hunting bags and haversacks. His auction donations have some unique features.  The hemp cloth really sets this haversack  off.

Bill may be contacted by email.
William Smith

Text by H Ahlers with photos by H Ahlers

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