Friday, July 13, 2018

"Moravian Gunmaking II - Bethlehem to Christian's Spring" by Robert Lienemann

Moravian Gunmaking II focuses narrowly on arms that were – or may have been made at the gunshop set up at Bethlehem in 1750, which then moved ca 1759 – 1763 to Christian’s Spring – a small community where young men and boys learned trades in support of their mission work.  The gunshop there was very active during several wars, but it and the broader vocational effort had faded by 1790.  

Signed William Henry, Jr. / Nazareth Pair of Pistols
Philadelphia History Museum at the Atwater Kent

“The signature of W:Henry Jr together with Nazareth suggest that these pistols were made after 1780 when young Henry moved and set up shop there, but before the death of his father William Henry of Lancaster in late 1786.”

“These pistols carry their original hickory ramrods.”

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Copy and photos supplied by by Robert Lienemann.

Pistol photos by Kenneth Orr.

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